Founded in December 1995 under the name Arte di Granito, Arte started off by focussing on the fast-growing demand for kitchen worktops made out of natural stone. When it decided to include other materials in its range, such as composites (Silestone by Arte) and glass, the company started trading under the name Arte. The business activities have since been extended to include other markets: Arte in Kitchens, Arte in Bathrooms and Arte in Projects.

Both in its approach to design and manufacture Arte is keenly aware of its social, moral and environmental responsibilities. Arte has its own production facilities of 10,500 m2 in Helmond, The Netherlands. The production process is fully automated, from receipt of order right through to delivery. By means of some very advanced custom-made machinery Arte is able to supply its products with an even higher precision and efficiency. Arte enjoys Platinum Partner status at Cosentino’s, the world’s biggest supplier of Silestone.

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